Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great Camp Out

I have a constant craving to camp these days. Perhaps it's due to my hectic schedule or living in a fast-paced, Starbucks- and iPhone-ridden society. I've had this fetish ever since my boyfriend Daniel and I began a camping spree last summer-- traveling to the desert, local mountains and of course the beach nearly every weekend  to camp out, hike and surf. I have become fond of headlamps and have acquired a taste for instant coffee.
Our travel/camping vehicle at the moment is Daniel's van, which suffices for now. We are saving for a used,  old school RV, however -- with a van front. Every time I see an RV  -- which seems daily now -- I get an urge to sell my house and opt for permanent RV living. RVs are a fond reminder of traveling with my parents in the 1970s in our El Dorado motorhome. John Denver was a popular music selections as we traveled to and stayed in places like Yellowstone National Park, the Redwoods and Jackson Hole, Wyo. My parents and I even lived on the beach in a tent trailer for two weeks while waiting for base housing at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside Calif. by the popular  SoCal beach the locals call San O.   As a kid that was pure heaven (and still is). Through these experiences, my parents taught me the pure joy of simple outdoor living. It's something I plan to pass on to my son.
I came across this video clip recently of a documentary called 23 Feet, which depicts the simple, carefree and sustainable lifestyle of people who live in their RVs, campers, etc. It's inspiring. Check it out below:

23 Feet Trailer from Allie Bombach on Vimeo.

I have also included some random shots from Dan & Dre's camping adventures the past year. Enjoy.


  1. Stoked on your inspirations and love of free living n surf:) your man Dan;)

  2. FUN! We have been trying to go camping ourselves, seems to be a hectic life keeps getting in the way though!

  3. @Coastal Family..Just do it girl! There are lots of day trips in SoCal you and the fam could do. We just went up to hike Palomar Mt. yesterday. Still lots of snow but we had a fun hike and not a lot of people around. Cuyumaca is a great day trip too. The kids will love it and it's not too far!

    @Brown shoe..let's go camping!

  4. camping, hmmm. looks like fun...

  5. Steve, now we just need to find those "secret" camp spots sans people! Cheers!