Thursday, March 24, 2011

All Aboard!

Welcome aboard the world's first "eco" train, made mostly of recycled material such as tires, plastic bottles, scrap metal and bamboo. Fueled by biodiesel, it runs along the ocean's edge -- according to the tides -- and includes an open air top for passengers to feel and smell the fresh ocean breezes. This new sea safari, called the Coast Cruiser, is the invention of my son, who came up with the novel idea  in 2009 during one of our beach walks. After I applauded his ingenuity he asked me when this eco train could be up and running. I didn't want to burst his bubble, but I told him that  we would need to go through an enormous amount of regulatory hurdles for the Coast Cruiser to even be considered. So, naturally, he wanted to know who needed  to approve such a project. After some more discussion, my son wanted to present  his plan to the California Coastal Commission, Caltrans and to local city officials. He of course  was disappointed when I told him that this particular train would most likely not be approved. But I told him to jot down all of his ideas and that one day he could design and build his own eco train.
We still occasionally talk about the Coast Cruiser and what a brilliant idea it is.  My son, who has Asberger's disorder and is now 9,  has come up with numerous other great inventions that one day I believe could help change the world. I am continually impressed and inspired by his creativity, passion, compassion and brilliance.
I am blessed to be able to share the sea and its many wonders with him.


  1. I love mats! And to quote my son, "Mats are better than body boards. I like old school." Unfortunately both of these popped already. Time for new ones! See you in the surf!

  2. It's time to get you guys on some serious mats, especially since your son totally gets the mat thing.