Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dirty Water

Rain is essential to our ecosystem, livelihood and economy. But as surfers, we cringe over the fact that we have to stay out of the water at least 72 hours after a good rain due to  polluted run-off (unless, perhaps you have your hep shots). Well, maybe we just need to rethink our urban water management system and plan.... check out this story. It totally makes sense...Wasted water?


  1. Do we really believe that the water is okay after a few days? I´ve always wondered about that and when the no swimming signs are posted on one beach but a few hundred yards away, it´s okay to swim? Sometimes I cry when I think of all the noise and mess we have put into our oceans.

  2. Well Kathy, our water is never super "clean." Humans, not nature, have been responsible for that, as you know. We can all make an impact on our waterways by making eco wise decisions, such as using non toxic household cleaners. Not only are the everyday household cleaners hazardous to our health, they are also destroying our waterways. Did you know that our waste water treatment plants can't break down most of the chemicals that are in the typical household cleaner? So those toxins go straight to the ocean and lagoons. I'm just sayin'.....