Monday, April 18, 2011

Neon Hipster

It may be that I'm tired of  wearing a full suit -- since last summer -- but I think it's almost neon season --i.e, my  long john. Isn't it about time for the SoCal waters to warm up?  I'm not sure how long this so-called La Nina is going to last (our meteorologists really can't tell us), but I don't know much longer I can take it. Maybe I'll just bust out the neon anyway and shine a little brightness in the line up.

As for my 80s retro neon Hang Ten long john, I bought it a few years ago for $30 at the Longboard Grotto in Leucadia (now Surfy Surfy), and I love it! Here's to the 80s!
Thanks to my surf peep Jay Golien from Slider magazine for the photo.
See you in the surf!


  1. Oh, I'm ready to throw some color into the lineup myself. I'm just waiting to bust out that powder blue fullsuit with the pink and yellow trim. Perhaps we need a session together. We can blind people with our wetsuits! I'm loving that long john!

  2. That's right surf Sista! Let's do it!