Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dirty Industry

"There's nothing more punk rock than being sustainable." This is my favorite line from the "Manufacturing Stoke" movie trailer. The film, which premiers in San Diego May 21 at Birds Surf Shed, takes a look at the surf industry's dirty habits and what some industry renegades are doing to help clean it up.  The closure of Clark Foam in 2005 turned the surf world upside down, not only financially but also from an environmental perspective. As this film depicts, the new generation of eco-conscious surfers (along with some old schoolers) are putting demands on manufacturers  to produce more earth friendly products. Check out the Manufacturing Stoke web site:  http://www.manufacturingstoke.com/.

You can also read an interview with the film's creator  La Jolla native and surfer Pierce Michael Kavanagh in Transworld Surf: http://surf.transworld.net/1000129461/videos/manufacturing-stoke-an-interview-with-pmk-from-misfit-pictures/.

Here's the trailer:

MANUFACTURING STOKE from misfit pictures on Vimeo.


  1. As my boyfriend and I walked along a popular stretch of beach in La Jolla, Calif., the other day, we came across so much junk, including a washed up TV, half a dozen Mylar balloons, plastic bottles, plastic bags and kids' toys. There was even a washed up dead sea lion and two dead birds. We as surfers complain about pollution, but sometimes we don't realize or accept that this sport we adore so much is also creating a heavy footprint on our eco system. I really hope this film awakens many.

  2. Long live dirty hippies.